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Real Property Data Download Page (Excel / Text Files)

This page allows you to download Henderson County's tax parcels, buildings, and sales data. The TXT format can be read in Excel, Access, or other database/spreadsheet applications.


  1. Click on the link below to download the file(s) you need. Files will need to be un-zipped.
  2. Read the "PLEASE_READ_metadata.html" document to determine what files you need and what the data columns mean.

Click here to download Real Property data files. 

NOTICE: Due to software problems outside Henderson County’s control or ability to correct, certain data, including but not limited to historical ownership data and/or data relating to properties that have been split into more than one parcel or combined from several parcels into one parcel since January 1, 2017 shown on Go Maps, GIS, and/or Public Web Access systems that depicts property tax information system is, or may be, inaccurate. Henderson County, and its software vendors, are working to correct the problems leading to these inaccuracies.

The Parcels data contains the tax records for all real estate and personal property for Henderson County.

The Buildings data contains structural information about all Henderson County buildings.

The Sales data contains data about all real property estate sales transactions in Henderson County for the past 24 months.