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Real Property Data Download Page (for Access/DBase)

This page allows you to download Henderson County's tax parcels, buildings, and sales data in a format usable in Excel, Microsoft Access, or other software programs that read tabular data.


1. Click on the appropriate link below.
2. Read the "PLEASE_READ_metadata.html" document to determine what files you need and what the data columns mean.
3. Right-click on the file you want to download and choose "Copy to folder".
4. Copy the file to a convenient place on your computer.
5. Once the file is finished downloading, you will need to unzip it.

For detailed explanations of the data found in the real property data files, use the links below and choose "PLEASE_READ_metadata.html"

Click here to download Real Property data files.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Microsoft Excel has limitations that allow you to see only part of the parcel file. Because of this, we are no longer providing the data in Excel format. If you download the *.DBF (Dbase) file it may by default open in Excel, but WILL NOT show all of the records. Therefore it is highly recommended that you view the parcels data in Microsoft Access or some other program that can handle a file of this size.

The Parcels data contains the tax records for all real estate and personal property for Henderson County.

The Buildings data contains structural information about all Henderson County buildings.

The Sales data contains data about all real property estate sales transactions in Henderson County for the past 24 months.

The MDB files can be read in Microsoft Access. The DBF files can be read in Dbase or Microsoft Excel. The ASCII files are the raw data, not including headers (field names), and can be read in Notepad or Wordpad, or imported into a database program.