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Carry Concealed Process

For Carry Conceal Permits and Renewals:

CCW Process and Instructions

1. You must complete the Firearms Safety Course first. (Note: For CCW Renewals Only-as of January 2009, the Sheriff no longer requires a Firearms Safety Course.)

2. After completion of the course, you must schedule your appointment online at the above link.

3. At the time of your appointment you will bring your completed UNSIGNED packet of materials necessary for the application or renewal process. You must also bring the following to your appointment:

a. A Firearms Safety Training Course Certificate as mandated by the State of NC (Note: For CCW RENEWALS Only-as of January 2009, the Sheriff no longer requires a Firearms Safety Course.)

b. A valid North Carolina driver’s license. The name and address on your license must agree with the name and address on your application. (Note: In the case of Renewals, BOTH driver’s license and Carry Conceal Permit addresses must be up to date BEFORE coming in to renew.)

c. All former military personnel must bring a copy of their DD214

d. Your receipt from online payment of:  The ninety dollar ($90) new application fee (plus fees) OR the seventy-five ($75) renewal fee (plus fees).


Renewal process information:

Concealed Handgun Permits must be renewed every five (5) years. The Sheriff’s Office sends out a ‘Notice of Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal’ to permit holders, but CCW holders are encouraged to maintain an awareness of when their permit is up for renewal and take appropriate action.

Permit renewals must be applied for no less than forty-five (45) days prior to the permit expiration date. As a service to permit holders, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office sends out renewal notice letters ninety (90) days in advance of expiration date.

Tips to ensure your permit will not expire:


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