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Convenience Center - Public Recycling Center

Hours: 8:00-4:30 / Monday - Saturday

Telephone: (828) 698-4451

Address: 265 Convenience Center Drive off of Stoney Mountain Road

2017 Holiday Schedule

Facilities are closed on holidays as indicated in schedule

All solid waste and recyclables being transported shall be encased by a tarpaulin, camper cover, metal cover, rigid cover, plastic or suitable material secured to prevent leakage or blowing of materials from the vehicle. This includes adequate coverage for bagged garbage. Please bag all solid waste. Loose waste results in more litter both on site and the surrounding areas.  You will not be admitted into the Convenience Center or Transfer Station if your solid waste and recycling is not secure.

*IMPORTANT: Henderson County Solid Waste facilities operate under a permit issued by NC DEQ. The Transfer Station and Convenience Center are not regional facilities; therefore, we cannot accept waste generated outside of Henderson County. If the waste brought to our facilities was not generated in Henderson County, your load will be refused. This also includes household waste brought to the bag-for-bag program at the Convenience Center.

** PLEASE help control pests at the Convenience Center by rinsing your containers and ensuring all items are free of food residue!

The term "single stream" means that a variety of recyclable items is combined into just one stream.

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING at the Convenience Center
Aluminum and steel cans rinsed, dry, tops/lids off, labels okay
Plastic containers rinsed, dry, plastic tops/lids on, labels okay
Gable top/carton containers rinsed, dry, plastic tops/lids off, labels okay
Cardboard flattened, packing material removed
Mixed paper including junk mail, books, magazines, newspaper, office paper


GLASS ONLY RECYCLING at the Convenience Center
Glass jars and bottles- all colors rinsed, dry, plastic/metal tops off, no corks, labels okay


ALL OTHER RECYCLING at the Convenience Center
do not mix with water
rechargeable and non-rechargeable; tape over positive terminals of household batteries
Cooking oil
do not mix with water
Mercury-containing products
CFLs, fluorescent light bulbs, wall-mounted thermostats, thermometers, light ballasts
Peripheral electronics

small office equipment (scanners, printers, etc.), telephones, stereos, compact discs, keyboards, game consoles, etc.

NO TVs or computer monitors accepted at this location. Must be taken to the Transfer Station for $15 each.

Used motor oil, used oil filters

White goods, appliances, scrap metal

upright, doors removed


The Convenience Center DOES NOT ACCEPT the following items. Please use the the Transfer Station: