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Animal Enforcement Unit

The Henderson County Animal Enforcement (AE) Unit was enacted in 2008 to better serve the residents in Henderson County. The Animal Enforcement Unit consists of a Sergeant, Corporal and four Deputies who work with the members of the Henderson County Animal Shelter and the Henderson County Health Department. Every member of AE is sworn by the Sheriff to uphold the laws of this state and local government.

The Animal Enforcement Unit is responsible for answering calls for service relating to Cruelty to Animals, Mistreatment, Abandonment, Larceny and Animals Running at Large issues. The unit also reports all domestic animal bites and works alongside the Henderson County Health Department on rabies control issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I see a canine running at large?

Call the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office at (828) 697-4911.

Do I have to report all cat and canine bites?

Yes, the state law requires all bites from cats, canines and ferrets to be reported.

What do I do if I have a feral cat issue?

You may contact the Sheriff’s Office and speak with a deputy. We have a trap program in place to assist with these issues.

What do I do if my animal is missing?

You may contact the Henderson County Animal Shelter at (828) 697-4723 and file a lost pet report.

What do I do if I catch a stray animal?

Due to rabies control, we suggest you do not try and catch any stray animals.

What if I get bit by a domestic animal and the animal is not found?

A report will be filed and sent to the Health Department. If the animal is not located, the Health Department may suggest rabies shots.

What do I do about barking canines?

You may call the Sheriff’s Office and a deputy will be dispatched. Barking canines fall under the noise ordinance.

What can I do about a canine that keeps coming on my property?

Call the Sheriff’s Office at (828) 697-4911. Try and take photos of the canine and document when the canine has been on your property so the deputies are able to take enforcement actions.

What can I do about wildlife issues?

Wild Life Enforcement should be contacted at (866) 318-2401.

What do I do if my animal comes in contact with wild life?

If your domestic animal has been bitten by wild life contact the Sheriff’s Office and your Veterinarian.

When do I need to get my domestic animal rabies shots?

Your pet should be vaccinated by the time they reach four months old.

What do I do about a bat in my house?

Call the Sheriff’s Office at (828) 697-4911. The bat needs to by caught and sent for testing to ensure rabies control measures are taken.

Related Agencies and Numbers


Henderson County Animal Shelter (828) 697-4723

Henderson County Health Department Rabies Control (828) 694-6019

North Carolina Wild Life (866) 318-2401

Wildlife Damage Control Agent Contacts


Henderson County Sheriff's Office
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