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  Registration is now open for the Inaugural Camp STAR 5k trail run/walk!

  Sunday, April 22, 2018 - Camp Tekoa - race begins at 2pm

  Cost is $25 for adults / $15 for youth ages 5-17

  All proceeds benefit Camp STAR

  Click to register

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STAR Program

We are excited to offer the Sheriffs Teaching Abuse Resistance (STAR) program in Henderson County.  This program was created locally and focuses on the problems our children are faced with here in our county. STAR is a seven week program taught by School Resource Deputies and School Health Nurses.  Below you will find a brief summary of what will be covered in each lesson.

Lesson 1: Good citizenship and what influences our behaviors
Lesson 2: Good decision-making; consequences; alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes
Lesson 3: Marijuana, inhalants and other illegal drugs; user statistics; ways to say “No”
Lesson 4: Prescription drug awareness and safety
Lesson 5: Health consequences of behaviors from abusing drugs
  (Will be taught by School Health Nurses)
Lesson 6: Bullying; responsible behavior using electronic means; briefly touching on two
  severe forms of bullying - human trafficking and gangs; the choking game and gun safety
Lesson 7: Summarizing of the lessons and celebrating STAR participation

You may be asking, “What happened to DARE?”  Over the past several years there has been a national trend of moving away from DARE.  One issue was a lack of record keeping and statistical evidence of the program’s effectiveness.  Certain trends affecting other areas of the nation were not necessarily the problems our children are faced with on the local level.  A large portion of the STAR Program’s focus came straight from a local and state survey that was given to our 9th grade students.  We were able to see trends occurring across North Carolina, but several concerning items that were going on right here in Henderson County. 

We are very proud of the partnerships that helped create this new and customized program.  The creation of STAR was very much a community effort.  The committee included members of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, the Henderson County Board of Public Education, representatives from the Henderson County School Nurses and Counselors and the founder of HopeRx.  This committee met several times and developed a product that they thought would benefit our kids.  The curriculum was taken before the Henderson County Student Health Advisory Council, the HopeRx Board and the Curriculum and Instruction Committee for the Henderson County Board of Public Education.  These committees were made up of principals, 5th grade teachers, school nurses, school counselors, and parents.

Questions regarding STAR can be directed to Sgt. Ricky Bishop via email (ncdare2@hendersoncountync.org) or via phone (828.694.2827).


STAR Program Materials

Lesson 1: Lesson 1 PowerPoint
  What Influences You
  What is STAR
Lesson 2: Lesson 2 PowerPoint
  5 Steps to Making Good Decisions
  Decisions People Make
Lesson 3: Lesson 3 PowerPoint
  Effects of Marijuana
  Way to Brush-off Drugs
  Kyle Williams Story
Lesson 4: Lesson 4 PowerPoint
  Prescription Drug Awareness Crossword
Lesson 5: Lesson 5 PowerPoint-Alcohol and Drugs
  Lesson 5 PowerPoint-Tobacco
Lesson 6: Lesson 6 PowerPoint
  Bullying Chart
  The Bullying Circle
  What does Bullying Sound and Look Like

Copyright © (2016) Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Hendersonville, NC

All rights reserved. 

No part of this book may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without permission.


STAR Camp is a program that provides School Resource Deputies with the opportunity to mentor fifth grade students during their summer break.  Concepts taught during the STAR curriculum are reinforced in a fun-filled environment outside the classroom.  Approximately 400 students will attend STAR Camp at no cost to the children or their families. 

STAR Camp is funded by donations and grants. If you know of a business or an individual that would be interested in donating, please contact Sgt. Ricky Bishop. 

Donations can be brought or mailed to:                

Henderson County STAR Program                

100 North Grove Street    

Hendersonville, NC 28792

Questions regarding STAR can be directed to Sgt. Ricky Bishop via email (ncdare2@hendersoncountync.org) or via phone (828.694.2827). Thank you for your support of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office STAR Program.

Watch a video from 2017 Camp STAR


The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office places eight School Resource Deputies (SRDs) in our Henderson County Public School system. These deputies have a heart for our youth and strive to build lasting interactions with the students they serve. 

SRDs assist school administration with problems that arise on campus that may involve students, parents, teachers or school visitors.  When needed they assist teachers with students who create class disturbances and work to resolve the issue.  SRDs provide a law enforcement presence in our schools and investigate reports of criminal activity that occur on school property.  They are also responsible for scheduling law enforcement personnel for after school events. 

In addition to our School Resource Deputies, Henderson County Deputy Sheriffs participate in an Adopt-a-School program where deputies from all divisions complete security checks and interact with administrators, teachers and students at their assigned schools.

Questions regarding STAR can be directed to Sgt. Ricky Bishop via email (ncdare2@hendersoncountync.org) or via phone (828.694.2827).

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