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Thank you for your interest in employment with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. The application process is a key component in ensuring that we meet your expectations as an employer, and that your personality, skills, and work ethic meet our expectations of employees of our agency. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards always stressing honesty and integrity.

The Sheriff’s Office provides an employment selection and hiring process that is structured to ensure that prospective employees possess requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and acceptable character traits. The aim of the selection process is to produce effective and respected members of the Sheriff’s Office by hiring qualified individuals. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to recruit, hire, train and promote employees without discrimination because of age, national origin, physical disability, political affiliation, race, religion, or sex.
The selection and hiring process includes many steps and can take up to four months to complete. This process is designed to fully examine each applicant’s abilities and interest in employment with the Sheriff’s Office. During the course of the hiring process, you will be asked to answer many questions and to provide much information about your life. We expect you to be truthful and maintain a high level of integrity at all times. If you provide false information or engage in deception during the process, you will be eliminated from further consideration immediately.

At this time we are actively seeking candidates for:

Your application must be submitted to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office located at 100 North Grove Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792. Applications are accepted in person, by mail, by fax to 828-697-4607 or via e-mail to Sheriffjobs@hendersoncountync.org.  A link for the application is provided below.

Upon receipt of your completed application, the Sheriff’s Office will review your application and available positions. You will receive written notification (via regular mail or e-mail) advising you of the status of your application. If at any point a decision is made to decline your request for hire and/or a position is not currently available, you will be notified in writing (via regular mail or e-mail) of this decision.  The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to modify the employment recruitment and selection process at anytime without prior notice.

ANY misrepresentation, falsification or omissions given on ANY FORM during the selection and hiring process is just cause for rejecting your application. It will also disqualify you from making application in the future for positions with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.


You can download an employment application at: Henderson County Sheriff's Office Application or MS Word Application form.  The complete application provides more detailed information about the hiring process and qualifications necessary to apply.

You may direct questions about the employment selection and hiring process by e-mail to Sheriffjobs@hendersoncountync.org.

Professional Standards/Career Development Division
Henderson County Sheriff’s Office
100 North Grove Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792


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