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Frequently Asked Questions

(828) 697-4596 After hours and weekends, this number is forwarded to the Communications Center. Please do not call 911 to request phone numbers for County or State agencies. Use 411 or you may also check our frequently requested numbers page on this website.

Visit the E911 FAQ page.

Contact the Civil Process Division at (828) 697-4596 ext. 4126

Fingerprinting is done by volunteers on Tuesdays from 9:00 am until Noon (Please arrive by 11:45am) and on Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Please arrive by 3:45pm).

  • DO NOT fill out fingerprint forms even if your employer told you to do so.
  • DO NOT sign the forms.
  • DO NOT fold the forms as they will be run through a computer printer.
  • Have a Driver's License or other government issued picture Identification. If your ID does not have your current address on it, you must have a utility bill, official letter written to you at your new address or other acceptable document with your name and current address.
  • Have the name and full address of your employer if the prints are for employment purposes.
  • Have $10 in cash or check payable to the Henderson Co. Sheriff's Office (HCSO). Payment is not necessary  for Housing Authority applicants. No Credit cards accepted.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and free of lotion.
  • Child ID cards (14 years of age and younger) require an appointment and are done at no charge.

       Please call (828) 697-4596 extension 4128 Tuesday from 9am-Noon for an appointment.

Come to the Sheriff’s Office at 100 North Grove Street and ask for a copy of the incident. There is No Charge for a copy of an incident report. You may contact Wanda Ponder, Operations Supervisor at (828) 694-3128 for further information. Click here to email our Operations Supervisor, Wanda Ponder. You can also give your insurance company this information and have them contact us directly.

There is a form on this website that you can fill out online, or you can print it and Fax it to: (828) 697-4759. You may also call (828) 697-4596 for an extra patrol request. Click here to access the form.

To obtain a local criminal background check, contact the Henderson County Clerk of Court, 200 North Grove Street Suite 163, Hendersonville. (828) 694-4100. For further information go to the North Carolina Court System Website.

Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.
Administration (828) 697-4596
Civil Process (828) 697-4596 ext. 4126

(828) 697-4596 ext. 4600

Contact Dep. Steve Owen at (828) 697-4596 ext. 4325 or go to the NC Sex Offenders Web Site.

Persons applying for a pistol permit must be:

  • A Henderson County, NC resident for 30 days
  • Must be 21 Years of Age
  • Aware that a complete criminal record check will be completed on you
  • Must possess a valid North Carolina Driver’s License

According to NC General Statute 14-404(f), the Sheriff’s Office must issue or deny the request for the permit within 14 days.  Click here to go to the page to order your permits.

A pistol permit shall be denied for any applicant who does not meet the necessary age and residency requirement and shall be denied for the following persons:

  • One who is under indictment or has been convicted of a felony
  • One who is a fugitive from justice
  • One who is an unlawful user or addicted to any unlawful or narcotic drug
  • One who has been adjudicated incompetent or has been committed to any mental institution
  • One who is an alien or unlawfully in the United States
  • One who has been discharged from the armed forces under dishonorable conditions
  • One who has been a U.S. Citizen, has renounced his/her citizenship
  • One who is subject to a domestic violence protective order
  • One who after due investigation, the Sheriff in his sole discretion, is unable to satisfy himself as to the good moral character of the applicant

The following are examples, but are not all inclusive, of incidents that may disqualify an applicant from receiving a purchase permit:

  • Misdemeanor convictions for assault and/or threatening behavior
  • Convictions for fraud
  • Weapons related convictions
  • Convictions of DWI within the past three years

***Please DO NOT complete an application if you do not meet the requirements listed above or if you are ineligible based on NC General Statute***

Questions should be directed to Lori Vesely at

(828) 694-2746

How do I apply for a Carry Concealed Weapon Permit?  Click here


Where do I bring unused/expired medications?

Medications can be brought to the lobby of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office any weekday (excluding county holidays) from 8am-5pm.  Click here for more information.

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