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***We are still actively investigating the CHARITY WORLEY Homicide.  Click HERE to visit a website focused on solving this case.***


The Criminal Investigations Unit or CID is the investigative arm of the Sheriff’s Office. Serious crimes reported that can not readily be solved by responding Patrol Deputies due to complexity, time lapse, time requirements, or lack of readily available witness information are generally investigated by units of CID.

Detectives work in assigned units within CID to assist in the apprehension and successful prosecution of criminal violators, and the disruption of criminal activities in Henderson County.

The units that make up CID each require specialized training as well as a good overall experience in investigative techniques and a solid knowledge of applicable laws of arrest, search, and seizures. The 3 main units that compose the CID are listed below with a brief summary of the crimes and activities that they investigate.

General Investigations Unit: This unit handles such crimes as breaking and entering, various thefts, larcenies, frauds and forgeries, receiving and selling of stolen property, white collar crimes, and burglaries. This unit also includes arson, bomb and weapons of mass destruction investigators as well.

Violent Crimes Unit: The Detectives assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit investigate crimes which involve serious assaults or threats of violence to include armed robbery, kidnapping, and homicide. This unit also includes the Sheriffs Crime Scene Vehicle which is used to gather and process forensic evidence used in case development. 

The Violent Crimes Unit also includes a Special Victims Unit that investigates crimes committed against children, the elderly, or handicapped persons. Child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, and other crimes committed against those who by reason of age or handicap, may be victimized, require the special training and investigative procedures unique to this unit. They work closely with the Department of Social Services, various victim advocate groups, and the court system to successfully prosecute violators and serve victims of these crimes.


Drug and Gang Unit: Counter drug and counter vice operations are carried out by the agents of Tactical Narcotics. This team works cases which include, pharmaceutical diversions, undercover and surveillance activities, intelligence gathering, search warrant executions, and clandestine lab raids. This unit works with other local agencies as well as Federal and State agencies tasked with the suppression of illegal drugs and related activities.

Gang activities and gang related crimes are part of the responsibility of the Gang Unit. This unit is also responsible for the education of the public to gang activities, identifying at risk youth, combating gang graffiti, and gang member tracking through identification and information sharing. This unit works in conjunction as needed with units from the Patrol Division and other agencies as necessary for gang activity suppression.

The above listed overview of units illustrate the basic structure of CID. It should be noted however, that many investigators possess experience and skill sets that provide this unit with a greater investigative versatility than is found in many larger departments. Our ability to investigate cyber crimes and conduct detailed computer forensic searches is unique at the local level. Henderson County Sheriff’s CID also has its own certified Polygraph Examiner, expert arson investigators, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel.

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