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Upcoming Civil Sales:

Notice of Sale:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the door of the Henderson County Court House located at 200 North Grove Street in Hendersonville, NC.




Increase in Civil Process Fees effective August 1, 2011

North Carolina House Bill 200 was voted on and approved on June 15, 2011. This Bill raised Sheriff’s Civil Process Service fees from $15 per person served per process to be served to $30 per person served per process to be served.  Make note that if you are having multiple types of process served at the exact same time, the charge will be $30 per person to be served. House Bill 642 made this change effective August 1, 2011.

SECTION 31.26.(d)  If House Bill 642 or other substantially similar legislation that requires a misdemeanant with a period of confinement of six months or less to serve the period in a local confinement facility becomes law, then G.S. 7A‑311(a) reads as rewritten:"(a)       In a civil action or special proceeding, except for actions brought under Chapter 50B of the General Statutes, the following fees and commissions shall be assessed, collected, and remitted to the county:(1)       a.         For each item of civil process served, including summons, subpoenas, notices, motions, orders, writs and pleadings, the sum of thirty dollars ($30.00). When two or more items of civil process are served simultaneously on one party, only one thirty dollar ($30.00) fee shall be charged.

Reminders about Real Property Sales:
All real property is sold on the front steps of the Henderson County Courthouse. Most sales will begin at 10am unless otherwise posted on the Notice of Sale. All real property is sold to the highest bidder for a percentage of the total sale price. See the individual Notice of Sale for the exact percentage amount. The purchaser must have that percentage payment immediately available in cash only when the sale is completed.

Reminders about Personal Property Sales:
All personal property is sold at the place where the personal property is located for storage. Sales begin at 10am unless otherwise posted on the Notice of Sale. All personal property is sold to the highest bidder for cash only. The purchaser must have 100% of the total sale amount with them immediately following the sale. No one may leave to get more money after the sale is completed.

All sales are final when the bidding is complete excluding County Tax sales. The purchaser is responsible for any prior liens and encumbrances pending against any property sold.

Note about County Tax Sales:
If the sale is being held to sale property for the Henderson County Tax Office the property will be sold with all previously owed taxes and paving assessments attached.

Any questions regarding Civil Sales should be directed to Sergeant Larry Pierson at (828) 694-2722.


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