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Vested Rights

What are vested rights?

Vested rights are rights established by different means to undertake and complete the development and use of property. There are two types of vested rights:

Development vested rights...(READ MORE)

Common law vested rights...(READ MORE)

How are vested rights regulated?

Chapter 42A, Land Development Code, Article XI (Review Processes and Procedures) Subpart F (Vested Rights) §42A-363 and ยง42A-365 provides the standards, regulations and procedures necessary to obtain vested rights.

Are any vested rights requests currently being considered?

Henderson County is not currently considering any vested rights requests. Current and previous vested rights requests may be viewed by clicking here.

How do I request vested rights?

Requesting vested rights involves specific steps and submission of certain required materials including an application. For specific information about requesting development vested rights please click here. For specific information about requesting common law vested rights please click here.