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Vested Rights

Processing Common Law Vested Rights Requests

The process described below is based upon Chapter 200A, Land Development Code, Section 200A-333 and the general procedures followed by the Planning Department. Such procedures as well as application fees are subject to change. Please refer to Chapter 200A, Land Development Code, Sections 200A-333 or contact the Planning Department for additional information.

  1. Application Submittal. The Common Law Vested Rights Application and associated fee must be submitted on or before the submittal deadline along with proof that (1) a valid governmental permit has been obtained for the specific project, (2) the developer made a substatial expenditure in reliance upon the permit, (3) the developer was acting in good faith, and (4) the developer suffers harm if required to comply with the new rules (See Vested Rights Application Submittal Deadlines). You may submit your application and fee to the Planning Department.

  2. Staff Review. Upon receipt of an application, the Planning Director shall review the evidence submitted as proof of demonstrating the existence of each of the provisions above. All provisisons must be met in order to approve a common law vested right.