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Transportation Planning

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains the majority of public roads in the State. The state maintained road system in North Carolina includes over 79,000 miles of roadway. NCDOT conducts all planning, design and construction of roadways in Henderson County. The County does not currently maintain any roads for public purpose. NCDOT coordinates much of its transportation planning efforts for the County through the French Broad River Municipal Planning Organization (MPO). Henderson County is part of this MPO which includes Henderson, Buncombe and Haywood Counties and their municipalities. Henderson County, like all local governments in the MPO, participates in the preparation and prioritizing of project lists for the:

Beyond the MPO process, Henderson County also works directly with NCDOT. County staff works with NCDOT district and local county engineers on projects within the County by providing feedback and keeping track of project progress. Brian Burgess serves as Henderson County's Transportation Planner. The Planning Director also manages Apple Country Public Transit. Henderson County has an appointed Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC is comprised mostly of local government MPO representatives who meet regularly to:

  1. Discuss local transportation issues;
  2. Receive updates from the NCDOT district engineer regarding progress on projects (Transportation Improvements Projects (TIP) and secondary road projects); and
  3. Take input from the public regarding its concerns and issues related to transportation.

Contacting the NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation)

NCDOT Headquarters are located at 1 South Wilmington Street in Raleigh, NC. NCDOT Customer Service Office answers the toll-free customer service line, 1-877-DOT-4YOU, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with extended hours as necessary for emergencies.NCDOT also has 14 regional offices. The regional office contact for Henderson County maintenance projects is Steve Cannon, P.E.

Steve Cannon, P.E., District Engineer
4142 Haywood Road
Horse Shoe, NC 28742
Phone: (828) 891-7911
Fax: (828) 891-5026

Contacting the NCDMV (North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles)

For answers to questions about DMV issues such as driver license renewal or vehicle registration, call (919) 715-7000.