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Subdivision: Right-of-Way Frequently Asked Questions*

1. What is right-of-way?

2. Who gives right-of-way?

3. How does right-of-way differ from an easement?

4. Is dedication all that is required?

5. What is a "paper street"?

6. What is meant by "ditch to ditch"?  

7. Who maintains right-of-way?  

8. What is a street disclosure statement?  

9. What is the State's minimum right-of-way width?  

10. What permission is required to use State right-of-way?  

11. What is the NCDOT policy on right-of-way acceptance?  

12. Can an owner be denied access to a tract of land isolated with no recorded right-of-way?  

13. What are minimum right-of-way requirements for obtaining home mortgage loans?  

14. What must be done if one discovers that, by mistake, a road was built outside of a dedicated right-of-way?  

*The information provided herein above is not intended to be legal advice. The information is general in nature and may not be accurate or applicable in regard to certain circumstances. Please consult an attorney for information and advice on specific situtations.