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Subdivision Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the history of Henderson County's subdivision regulations?

2. Who is affected by the subdivision regulations of the LDC?

3. What are the different categories of subdivisions?

4. What category do commercial, office institutional, industrial, and mixed-use subdivisions fall under?

5. Are there any exemptions from the subdivision regulations?

6. My neighbor wants to purchase a small piece of my land and combine it with his. Is this a subdivision?

7. What minimal requirements should I keep in mind when designing the lots within a subdivision?  

8. What is the purpose of dedicating a 45 ft. right-of-way?  

9. How much right-of-way is required?  

10. If I cannot meet the minimum right-of-way requirements between my property and a public road, can I still subdivide?  

11. If I build private roads, what minimum design criteria must be met?  

12. When will the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) take over a subdivision road?

13. How do I name new roads or right-of-ways within a subdivision?