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Subdivision: Nonstandard

What is a nonstandard subdivision?

The proposed subdivision of land for purposes other than individual residential lot development including: (1) facilities such as utility substation sites, meter vaults, pump station sites, sign lots, etc.; (2) cemetery plots; (3) designated open space or common area sites; and/or (4) any other subdivision of land which is not otherwise designated by LDC Article III.

How do I request nonstandard subdivision?

Nonstandard subdivisions are exempt from the final plat requirements of the LDC and require plat approval only. Nonstandard subdivision lots may be approved in conjunction with a minor subdivision, major subdivision or special subdivision upon submission of a plat. Plats must:

  1. Describe the nonstandard subdivision;
  2. Contain a statement describing the use of each lot and that each lot shall not be used for residential or commercial purposes; and
  3. Clearly depict and/or reference a platted or deeded right-of-way that connects the proposed lots and remainder parcels to a public road.

Completed plats which meet the requirements of LDC Article III, §200A-80 will be reviewed by the Subdivision Administrator who may sign off on the final plat. The signed plat must then be recorded at the Register of Deeds Office.