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Subdivision: Major

What is a major subdivision?

A major subdivision is the division of land into: (1) 11 or more residential lots or (2) any number of nonresidential lots.

Is the conservation option available to major subdivision?

Applicants are encouraged to seek approval as a conservation subdivision which provides options to achieve density bonuses.

How do I request major subdivision?

The process for requesting major subdivision varies by number and use of lots. Please select from the following options to determine the process for requesting major subdivision:

2 to 34 Nonresidential (Commercial, Office Institutional, Industrial or Mixed Use) Lots...(LEARN HOW)

11 to 34 Residential Lots...(LEARN HOW)

35 to 299 Lots in a Conservation Subdivision...(LEARN HOW)

35 to 299 Lots (Not in a Conservation Subdivision)...(LEARN HOW)

300+ Lots...(LEARN HOW)

When can I begin recording lots?

Lots can be recorded and sold once a final plat has been recorded. A final plat can be recorded: (A) once improvements are completed or improvements have been guaranteed (See Improvement Guarantee Application); or (B) where no new right-of-way is proposed and no other improvement is necessary.

Prior to recording the plat the the applicant must submit the following:

  1. Final Plat (which meets the requirements of LDC Article XI, §200A-343 (B)) prepared by a registered land surveyor (one (1) mylar and one (1) blue line copy)) 
  2. Fee (See Fee Schedule)

The Subdivision Administrator can approve the major subdivision final plat (provided that, if a new right-of-way was proposed, the road passes inspection or has been guaranteed (See Improvement Guarantee Application)). The signed plat must then be recorded at the Register of Deeds Office.