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Rezoning R-2010-02 Etowah & Horse Shoe Communities Plan Proposed Zoning Changes

Public Hearing

The Board of Commissioners held a public hearing November 9, 2010 to consider the request (See Request #R-2010-02 Board of Commissioners Agenda Item). On November 17, 2010 the Board of Commissioners voted 5 to 0 to rezone portions of the subject area.

Detailed Maps

Please click on the following links to access a detailed map of the proposed zoning Etowah and Horse Shoe Communities Proposed Zoning. Please click on the links below to access detailed maps of the actual zoning changes:

Former ZoningApproved Zoning
  1. Board of Commissioners Approved Zoning
  2. Former Zoning

Please also see a a description of the areas which were rezoned:

  1. Residential Zoning: Expanded the existing R1 (Residential 1) zoning to include the Etowah Valley Golf course and parcels to its south. Changed zoning of properties north of US Hwy 64W and east of the Etowah community to R2 (Residential 2) from R-40 (Estate Residential) zoning. Changed zoning of properties along Folly Rd to R3 (Residential 3) from R-40 (Estate Residential).
  2. Community Commercial (CC): Changed zoning of properties along Old US Hwy 64 to CC (Community Commercial. Changed zoning of properties along and south of US Hwy 64W near the Henderson/Transylvania County line to CC (Community Commercial).

Open House

Planning staff were available to answer questions and receive comment during an Open House Thursday, November 4, 2010 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. in the King Street Meeting Room located at 100 North King Street, Hendersonville. Interested residents were invited to drop-in during the informal open house.

Etowah & Horse Shoe Communities

Acreage: 7,400 Acres
Location: Etowah & Horse Shoe Communities
Existing Zoning: Multiple (See below)
Requested Zoning: Multiple (See below)
Applicant: Henderson County as a result of the Etowah-Horse Shoe Community Plan

TRC and Planning Board Review

The TRC considered the request at its September 7, 2010 meeting (See Request #R-2010-02 TRC Agenda Item) and provided a favorable recommendation. The Planning Board considered the request at its September 16, 2010 meeting (See Request #R-2010-02 Planning Board Agenda Item) and provided a favorable recommendation.