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Current Rezoning Requests

Henderson County is currently considering the following zoning change requests:

2011-01: Edneyville Community Plan Proposed Zoning Map Amendments

Previous Zoning Change Requests by Year


2012-05: James Durfee (R2 to O & I)

2012-04: Grimesdale Area Neighborhood (R1 to R2)


2011-02: Brevard Road (I to R1)

2011-03: Municipal Boundary and Zoning Jurisdiction Adjustments (Unzoned to R2 or R3)


2010-01: City of Hendersonville Relinquished ETJ (City of Hendersonville to CC)

2010-02: Etowah & Horse Shoe Communities Plan Proposed Zoning Changes

2010-03-C: Howard Gap Road (R1 to I-CD)


2009-01: Erwood Drive/Rutledge Drive (City of Hendersonville to R1)

2009-02: McMurray Road (R2R to I)

2009-03: Ballenger Road (R1 to RC)


2008-01: Multiple Zoning Changes throughout County

2008-02: Upward Road (R1 to CC)

2008-03: McMurray Road (R2MH to I)

2008-04: Stoney Mountain Road (R1 to LC)

2008-05-C: Foxwood Drive (R1 to LC-CD)

2008-06: Walnut Cove Road (R-40 to R2MH)

2008-07: US Highway 25 North (RC to LC)

2008-08: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Adoption

2008-09: US Highway 25 North (CC to RC)

2008-10: US Highway 64 (R-40 to CC)

2008-11: Old Hendersonville Road (R1 to I)


2007-04: Crest Road (R-15 to C-4)

2007-05: Off Butler Bridge Road (I-2 to C-4)