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RezoningClick here for a printable brochure in pdf format.

What is a "rezoning"?

A "rezoning" is the term often used for a zoning change, also known as map amendment to the Official Zoning Map. In a rezoning all or a portion of the zoning applied to one or more parcels is changed.

How are rezonings regulated?

Chapter 200A, Land Development Code, §200A-314 and ยง200A-338 provides the standards, regulations and procedures necessary to change zoning.

Are any rezoning requests currently being considered?

Current and previous zoning change requests may be viewed by clicking here.

Under what circumstances would I pursue a rezoning request?

You may pursue a request for zoning change if you wish to conduct a land use activity/activities not permitted under the zoning district currently applied to your property. You may also pursue a request for zoning change if you wish to alter the dimensional requirements applied by the zoning to which your property is subject. The submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

How do I request zoning change?

Zoning changes may be initiated by the Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Watershed Review Board, Flood Damage Prevention Board, County Manager, Planning Director, Zoning Administrator, County Department Director/Head or the owner(s) of the property. For specific information about requesting zoning change please click here.

What if I apply but my application is denied?

Fees paid for the zoning change request are nonrefundable. The Planning Board and Board of Commissioners will not consider an application when, within the previous 12 months, the zoning change request was denied by the Board of Commissioners.

What if I apply but later withdrawal my application?

Fees paid for the zoning change request are nonrefundable. Each application for a zoning change which is withdrawn by the applicant after the first newspaper notice appears, shall not be considered for a zoning change within the following six (6) months.