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Every Home, Business, and Structure Needs an Address. Even if you rely on a post office box for mail delivery it is important that you... Read more

Property Addressing plays key role in locating emergencies. Citizens of Henderson County expect that when they dial 9-1-1, emergency response personnel will be dispatched quickly quickly to their location. This expectation is met because of the constant work of County personnel across numerous departments and divisions. The County Property Addressing Division plays a significant role in improving emergency service responses by constantly working to improve the accuracy of street and addressing data...Read more


Property Addressing Division Functions

The Property Addressing Division performs administrative planning and support for the enhanced 911 emergency telephone number, which has become a national standard. Personnel are able to pinpoint exact locations with the distance-based addressing system assigning unique street addresses to all structures in Henderson County. In the event of an emergency, pertinent information will display immediately and automatically to a dispatcher, greatly improving response time.Property Addressing issues property addresses, locates points to clarify Geographic Information System data, and coordinates individual addresses to match GIS, USPS, and AT&T data.

Property Addressing staff is in office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Property Addressing staff are not in office and will not be available Wednesdays, when out of office doing fieldwork. To report a missing, damaged or unreadable sign please click here.

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Property Addressing Supervisor, Curtis Griffin


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An address is not needed to apply for a building permit.