March 20, 2014 Meeting of the Henderson County Planning Board

King Street Meeting Room
5:30 p.m. 100 N. King Street,
Hendersonville, NC 29792 

1.      Meeting Called to Order

2.      Roll Call

3.      Adjustment of Agenda

4.      January and February Meeting Summary

5.      Public Input

Old Business

6.      Continue Discussion on Draft Preservation of Historic Resources Ordinance-Presenter: Parker Sloan, Planner

New Business

7.      Rezoning Application #R-2014-01 Dyer Properties, LLC – Presenter Parker Sloan

8.      Possible Rezoning #R-2014-02 Clear Creek Road - Presenter Matt Champion

9.      Rezoning Application #R-2014-03-C Hugh Lipham – Presenter Parker Sloan

10.    Staff Reports

11.    Adjournment