Tuesday, December 16, 2003 Land Development Meeting Room

7:00 P.M. 101 E. Allen Street

Hendersonville, NC 28792


1. Meeting Called to Order.


2. Approval of Minutes November 18, 2003 Regular Meeting.


3. Adjustment of Agenda.


4. Staff Reports.


Notice: Reviews of subdivisions will be conducted informally unless the applicant or anyone qualified to participate in the proceeding requests that such review be conducted as a formal quasi-judicial proceeding.





5. Skytop Farm (File # 03-M20) Development Plan Review for Property Located Off North Rugby Road (60 Lots on 110.62 Acres),) Terry Weaver, Agent for FRE, LLC, Owner.


6.. Status Report on Planning Initiatives - Planning Staff.





7. Zoning Map Amendment (Application # R-03-03) - Rezone Approximately 12.31 Acres Located Off Kanuga Road on South Lakeside Drive Across from Lake Osceola, (R-20 Low-Density Residential Zoning District to an R-10 High-Density Residential Zoning District) Todd Leoni, Agent for Camp Riley, Inc., Applicant.

8. Discussion of Possible Amendment to the Henderson County Water Supply Watershed Ordinance

and Related Matters Referred by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners.


9. Public Input.


10. Subcommittee Assignments and Meeting Dates.


11. Adjournment.