Tuesday, May 20, 2003                                               Land Development Building Board Room

                                                                                   101 E. Allen Street

                                                                       Hendersonville, NC  28792


1.         Meeting Called to Order.


2.         Approval of Minutes – April 15, 2003 Regular Meeting.


3.         Adjustment of Agenda.


4.         Staff Reports.


Notice:   Reviews of subdivisions will be conducted informally unless the applicant or anyone qualified to participate in the proceeding requests that such review be conducted as a formal quasi-judicial proceeding.




            (There is none).




5.         Oak Meadows (03-M07)Master and Development Plan Review (23.98 Acre Tract Located Off Canterbury Way, 2 Lots on 4.4 Acre Portion of Development Area) - Jon Laughter, Agent for Dorothy Freeman, Owner.


6.         Zoning Map Amendment Application # R-03-01 to Rezone 3.82 Acre Parcel Located on Kanuga Road, Southeast of the Intersection of Kanuga Road and Crooked Creek Road, from   R-40 (Estate Residential) to R-20 (Low-Density Residential)- Bernie Mann, Applicant/Executor for the Estate of Philip A. Mann.           


7.         Review of Conditional Use Permit #CU-03-04 – Justus Business Center, LLC –Construction of Two Commercial Buildings, Corner of South Allen Road and Upward Road – (Shopping Center in C-4) - Pursuant to Section 200-69C(5), Henderson County Zoning Ordinance - 

Jeff Justus, Owner. 


8.         Review of Amendment to Conditional Use Permit # CU-23-96 to Allow Machining and Assembly in Addition to Warehousing – South Allen Road – (Light Industrial in C-4) – Pursuant to Section 200-69C(5), Henderson County Zoning Ordinance.

Jeff Justus, Owner.


9.         Status Report on Planning Initiatives – Planning Staff.




10.       Public Input.


11.       Subcommittee Assignments and Meeting Dates.


12.       Adjournment.