Tuesday, July 16, 2002                                    Henderson County Land Development Building

7:00 p.m.                                                                     101 East Allen Street

                                                                       Hendersonville, NC  28792

1.                  Meeting Called to Order.

2.                  Approval of Minutes - July 18, 2002 Regular Meeting.


3.                  Adjustment of Agenda.


4.                  Staff Reports.


Notice:   Reviews of subdivisions will be conducted informally unless the applicant or anyone qualified to participate in the proceeding requests that such review be conducted as a formal quasi-judicial proceeding.





5.                  Winfield Cove, Phase 2 Section 2 -  (File # 02-M10) – Revised Master Plan and Development Plan –

(13 lots on approximately 46.5 acres off Big Raven Lane) - Winfield Cove Development Co.,

Owners, Tom McHugh, Agent.





6.                  The Meadows of Lewis Creek – (File # 02-M09) – Combined Master and Development Plan Review  (20 lots off North Ridge Road) - Mark Searles, N.R. Properties, Owners, Anne Valentine, Agent.


7.                  Highlander Woods – (File # 02-M11) – Combined Master and Development Plan Review (49 lots off Stepp Road) – Jack Houtman, Habitat for Humanity, Owners, Jon Laughter, Agent.


8.                  Request to Initiate a Proposed Zoning Map Amendment to Rezone Land on Souther Road Owned by James Robert Suttles from R-20 to RC (File # R-03-02) – Leon Allison, Applicant’s Agent for James Robert Suttles, Applicants.




9.                  Public Input.

10.              Subcommittee Assignments and Meeting Dates.

a.       Land Use Zoning Subcommittee (Brookside Camp Road/Howard Gap Road Zoning Study).

b.      Subdivision Issues Subcommittee (Subdivision Amendments).

c.       Other.


14.       Adjournment