Tuesday, March 19, 2002


Henderson County Land Development Building

7:00 p.m.

101 East Allen Street

Hendersonville, NC 28792


1.              Meeting Called to Order.

2.              Approval of Minutes February 19, 2002 - Regular Meeting

3.              Adjustment of Agenda.


4.              Staff Reports.

a.     Update on Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Project.

b.     Update on County Comprehensive Plan Project.

c.     Other.





5.              Review of Revised Special Use Permit Application # SP-01-04 for a Proposed Baseball

Complex Blue Ridge Community College, Applicant.




6.              Hawke Crest (File # 02-M03) Master Plan and Development Plan Review (23 lots off Wash Freeman Road) Stacy Rhodes, Agent for Hawke Ridge Developers, Applicants.

7.              Springfield (File # 02-M04) Master Plan and Phase I Development Plan Review (75 lots off Eade Road 8 lots in Phase I) Terry Baker, Agent for Westside Development Partners, Applicants.


8.              Request for Planning Board to Consider Initiating a Proposed Zoning Map Amendment to Rezone Land on Souther Road Owned by Robert Suttles from RC to R-20 Leon Allison for James Robert Suttles.


9.              Request by Board of Commissioners for Planning Board to Study Certain Issues in the Subdivision Ordinance Planning Staff.




10.           Public Input.


11.           Subcommittee Assignments and Meeting Dates.


12.           Adjournment.



Notice: Reviews of subdivisions will be conducted informally unless the applicant or anyone qualified to participate in the proceeding requests that such review be conducted as a formal quasi-judicial proceeding.