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Henderson County & Housing

Thriving communities require a range of housing opportunities. While Henderson County is committed to supporting housing opportunities for all, a number of factors have converged to make housing very costly for a growing number of low- and moderate-income residents.

Our population is growing and so is the demand for housing. Wages are not keeping up with rising housing costs and the resulting wage-housing gap has led to increased cost burdens for housing budgets. Discriminatory or unethical practices can make finding safe and decent housing especially difficult for racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities, the elderly and larger families. Resources from the state and local levels have not replaced federal cuts in affordable housing programs.

The development of housing has a major impact on our local economy and the economic growth and health of our communities. The issue of housing effects many critical elements of life in a community; which schools your children can attend; whether or not you have access to jobs; what mode of transportation you will be required to take to get there, and in doing so, what effects your transportation choices make on the environment

Strong communities offer a diversity of housing options, locations, and cost to provide appropriate housing for all its residents whatever their stage in life or income. We face many housing challenges, but they can be met with strong leadership and continued partnerships among the private sector, religious community, non-profits and for profit organizations and all levels of government.