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Etowah-Horse Shoe Community PlanClick here for a pdf of the Plan

The Etowah-Horse Shoe Community Plan is complete, following Board of Commissioner action September 16, 2009. The Board of Commissioners directed various staff and boards to begin implementing the plan. The plan is available in PDF format by section or in its entirety by clicking here. The document is sizeable and could take considerable time to download.

Cover, Executive Summary and Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to the Etowah-Horse Shoe Community Plan
Historical Overview

Section 2: Community Analysis
Etowah-Horse Shoe CommunityPlanning Area
Population and Household Size
Block Group Populations
Racial Composition
Age Group
Demographic Projections

Section 3: Community Plan
3.1. Natural and Cultural Resources
3.2. Agriculture
3.3. Housing
3.4. Community Facilities and Services
3.5. Transportation
3.6. Economic Development
3.7. Land Use and Development (Please see Rezoning Application #R-2010-02 for resultant zoning changes)
3.8. Community Character and Design

Section 4: Maps

Etowah-Horse Shoe Community Plan Supplemental Materials