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Dana Community PlanClick here for a pdf of the Draft Dana Community Plan

The Dana Community Plan is complete, following Board of Commissioners adoption of the plan March 16, 2011. The County will begin working to implement the various elements of the plan. The plan is available in PDF format by section or in its entirety by clicking here. The document is sizeable and could take considerable time to download.

Cover, Plan Participants, Executive Summary and Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to the Planning Area
Planning Area Boundary
Historical Overview, Community Beginnings

Section 2: Demographics of the Planning Area
Demographic Trends
Demographic Projects

Section 3: Dana Community Plan
3.1. Natural and Cultural Resources
3.2. Agriculture
3.3. Housing
3.4. Community Facilities and Public Services
3.5. Transportation
3.6. Economic Development
3.7. Land Use and Development
3.8. Community Character and Design

Section 4: Planning Area Maps
1. Planning Area Boundary
2. Sensitive Natural Areas
3. Agricultural
4. Housing Stock (1930-2009)
5. Recreation and Multimodal Transportation
6. NCDOT Comprehensive Transportation Plan
7. Official Zoning
8. Land Use Recommendations
9. Dana Community Park Conceptual Master Plan

Dana Community Plan Supplemental Materials