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Community Plans Click here for a pdf of the Amended Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan Community Plans Map

To implement the recommendations of the Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan, Planning Staff is embarking on a "Community Planning Initiative." This initiative will produce a series of community specific comprehensive planning documents for the unincorporated areas of Henderson County. The County is working currently on the Green River, Tuxedo and Zirconia Community Plan.

Community Plans outline the future goals of each area and provide recommendations related to land use, infrastructure, community facilities, agriculture, economic development, housing, etc. to reach the established goals. Community Planning Areas include:

  1. Etowah Horse Shoe Community Plan (Complete)
  2. Edneyville Community Plan (Complete)
  3. Dana Community Plan (Complete)
  4. East Flat Rock Community Plan (Not Yet Begun)
  5. Hoopers Creek Community Plan (Not Yet Begun)
  6. North-Central Community Plan (Not Yet Begun)
  7. Crab Creek Community Plan (Not Yet Begun)
  8. Green River, Tuxedo and Zirconia Communities Plan (Underway)
  9. Gerton and Bat Cave Communities Plan (Not Yet Begun)
  10. Pisgah Area Community Plan (Not Yet Begun)