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Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan Click here for the CCP Table of Contents

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range roadmap for the future of a community which examines and makes recommendations on a variety of planning activities such as land use, transportation, utilities, infrastructure, community facilities, housing, the environment, recreation, economic development, and more.  It provides information about conditions, trends and issues in a community and identifies actions needed to address such issues.

A comprehensive plan is not regulatory in and of itself, rather it:

The Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan (CCP) is the latest of a series of County comprehensive plans (prior plans occurred in 1977 and 1993). The CCP was developed at the direction of the Board of Commissioners.

Others involved in the development of the CCP included:

The CCP is intended to provide guidance for a broad range of decisions made by government and the private sector for the next 20 years. Residents can look to the CCP for an understanding of the direction of County policies. The County will work to implement the CCP through the development of "Community Plans". Community Plans will essentially be mini-comprehensive plans for each community which will likely contain detailed goals, objectives and recommendations regarding land use and other issues.