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Henderson County 2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

What is a comprehensive plan amendment?

The CCP is intended to be a "living document" - one that is reviewed and revised periodically to ensure it remains valid and useful. In order to accommodate these anticipated changes to the CCP, the Board of Commissioners adopted an amendment process later incorporated into Chapter 200A, Land Development Code (LDC). The CCP was last reviewed and officially amended on April 7, 2008.

There are two types of comprehensive plan amendments:

Substantive amendments...(READ MORE)

Administrative amendments...(READ MORE)

How are comprehensive plan amendments regulated?

Chapter 200A, Land Development Code (LDC), contains the standards, regulations and procedures necessary to amend the CCP. These regulations are found in Article XI (Review Processes and Procedures) Subpart D §200A-313 and Subpart H §200A-338.

Are any comprehensive plan amendments currently being considered?

Henderson County is not currently considering any comprehensive plan amendments. Previous comprehensive plan amendment requests may be viewed by clicking here.