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Transit is a cost-effective way to get around Hendersonville, Fletcher, Laurel Park and the surrounding areas. Customers can board by paying cash fare or by using pre-paid tickets or passes. Please remember, all cash fares must be exact change. Operators cannot make change for customers. 

Cash Fare
Ticket Booklet (20 Rides)
Monthly Pass
Discount Cash Fare*
Free Fare**
Transfer to Apple Country Public Transit Route***
Asheville Transfer

*Discount Fares are available to: (1) seniors 65 years of age and older (photo I.D. required) and (2) Medicare recipients (Medicare Card required).
**Free fare is available to children under 12 with an accompanying paying adult.
***Ask the operator for a transfer when boarding. You must take the next available bus traveling the route to which you are transferring for the transfer to be valid. Transfers may not be sold or given away. When approaching the transfer point, your operator will notify the other operator so you are assured of making your connection. When you board the second bus, give your transfer to the operator. Do not put the transfer in the fare box.

Security Note: Buses may be equipped with a video and audio observance system.