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The goal of the Inspection Division of Henderson County is to enforce the North Carolina State Building Code in the county and all city areas within the county as mandated by the North Carolina statutes. The enforcement includes building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire sprinklers with associated statutes and licensing laws. Ensures that all construction in Henderson County complies with North Carolina State Building Codes.

Management Team

Name and Title Telephone Email Address

Tom Staufer

Director of Permits & Inspections

694-6505 tstaufer@hendersoncountync.org

Crystal Lyda

Inspections Supervisor

694-6510 clyda@hendersoncountync.org

Denisa Lauffer

Permit Coordinator

694-6502 dlauffer@hendersoncountync.org

Permit Center Staff

Name and Title Telephone Email Address

Lisa Stepp

 694-6520 lstepp@hendersoncountync.org
 Terri Lanning  694-6519 tlanning@hendersoncountync.org

Jennifer Pickens

 694-6516 jpickens@hendersoncountync.org


Building Code Inspectors perform building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections for Residential and Commercial structures in Henderson County and all municipalities within Henderson County. You may contact the inspectors between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. each weekday morning and by voice mail after 9:00 AM.

Name Phone Email
  Stan Hanna  828-694-6509  shanna@hendersoncountync.org
  Blane Stephens  828-694-6513  bstephens@hendersoncountync.org
  Terry Cobb  828-694-6507  tcobb@hendersoncountync.org
  Tim Cannon  828-694-6504  tcannon@hendersoncountync.org
  Jess Foster  828-694-6506  jfoster@hendersoncountync.org
  Tim Tine  828-694-6511  ttine@hendersoncountync.org