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Road Maintenance

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North Carolina counties are not responsible for the maintenance of roads; the North Carolina Department of Transportation performs that function. Some municipalities in Henderson County, such as the City of Hendersonville, are responsible for maintaining streets within their town and city limits, but not state highways. If you live in a municipality, you need to contact that city or town directly to determine whether it provides road maintenance. County residents, on the other hand, need to report issues such as potholes, deterioration or snow removal to the NCDOT.

If you would like to report a road maintenance issue to the NCDOT you can do so by filling out a form online. This form is sent to the NCDOT Office in Raleigh and dispatched to the appropriate division.

To report this issue directly to NCDOT Henderson County Maintenance, call (828) 694-7971. You can also view the Frequently-Asked Questions page for quick answers to your questions.

Private road maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner(s).