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Foreign Travel


Yellow Fever Vaccine

The Health Department has a limited supply of Yellow Fever Vaccine. Once it's gone, we will not have additional vaccine until late summer 2018.

Because of a total depletion of YF-Vax until mid-2018, the manufacturer (Sanofi Pasteur) has worked with CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration to make an alternative yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril, available at select locations until YF-Vax supply returns in mid-2018.

Click here to search for sites that are administering Stamaril.

The Zika Virus and Travel Recommendations

Because there is neither a vaccine nor prophylactic medications available to prevent Zika virus infection,
CDC recommends that all pregnant women consider postponing travel to areas where Zika virus transmission
is ongoing. Q&As: Zika and Pregnancy | Pregnant? Read This Before You Travel (CDC)

CDC has issued travel notices for people traveling to regions and certain countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing.

CDC Zika Virus microsite

Travel Safe and Smart

Often, adults and children alike need special immunizations if they are traveling to another country.
At the CDC's Travelers' Health you'll find guidance about the vaccines you'll need and any travel
notices posted for your destination.


Before getting an appointment for foreign travel services, you must:

1. Complete the Patient Travel Questionnaire.

2. Return the questionnaire with a copy of your immunization record. You can return the completed form in person, by mail or by fax. Do not email.

3. Once we receive the completed form and your immunization record, the nurse will review them. All scheduled appointments will be prioritized according to the date of travel.

We encourage you to consult the CDC travel website (www.CDC.gov/travel). Enter your destination countries and look for recommended or required vaccines.

If you are able to determine the vaccines on your own and you do not require Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis or Typhoid vaccines or Malaria Prophylaxis, we can provide other vaccines without a foreign travel consult.

Please allow at least 4 weeks before the travel date to schedule an appointment for optimal protection. Vaccines take time to reach full effect.

Appointments are limited. If we are not able to meet your needs, other options are listed below.


The following fees are per person and not billable to insurance:

  • Foreign Travel Consult Fee $36
  • Malaria Prescription $10
  • Yellow Fever Site Fee $10

Vaccine charges are separate and may be billable.

We accept NC Blue Cross Blue shield, MedCost and United Health Care.

Travel Health Resources

Agencies for Foreign Travel Immunization Services

If you need to discuss immunizations that are required or recommended for your travel to another country, you may call any of these travel clinics.

Buncombe County Health Department | 828-250-5096

Travel Health of Western North Carolina | Asheville, NC

Passport Health | Greenville, SC | 864-640-8154


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Last updated September 21, 2017