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Food Service Establishments - New and Temporary

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New and Temporary Dining Establishments

New and temporary dining establishments in Henderson County must have applicable licenses and permits. Inspectors will work closely with owners and management to ensure the quality and safety of food service to the public.

Permit for a New Restaurant

Application PDF | Application Word | Fee Schedule

Application is made on a prescribed form with submittal of full plans of the facility. Once plans are reviewed and approved, a letter is sent to the applicant.

Once construction is complete and the applicant has obtained all building department, zoning and fire approvals, a pre-permitting inspection is conducted. If the facility has been constructed in compliance with the approved plans and state and local regulations, the applicant may apply for and obtain a food service license.

Permit for a Termporary Food Service License

Permit PDF | Fee Schedule

Temporary food service permits are issued for events that are a maximum of 15 days duration. Inspections are conducted during the event to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Specifications for Plans for Food Service Establishments PDF Word version

Applications for Permits for Sewage Disposal Systems and Wells

Applications for lot evaluations for a subsurface sewage disposal permit can be made at the Henderson County Permit Center. An application fee is required as well as a plat of the property. The Environmental Health Specialist will make a site evaluation based on the following factors:

  1. Topography and landscape position
  2. Soil characteristics
  3. Soil wetness
  4. Soil depth
  5. Restrictive horizons
  6. Available space

Once the lot has been evaluated and approved an Authorization to Construct Permit for a subsurface sewage disposal system is issued. (This permit is also used to obtain building permits at the County Inspections Department, N. King Street, Hendersonville) Once the septic system is installed, another inspection is performed, and if approved an Operations Permit is issued to the property owner. 

Engineered Option Permits

Common Form for Engineered Option Permits | 15A NCAC 18A.1971 ENGINEERED OPTION PERMIT


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Last updated October 17, 2017