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Night satellite photo of U.S.

How do I use the Pictometry tool to see oblique aerial imagery in GoMaps?

  1. Navigate to an area of interest.
  2. Click the Pictometry tool pictometry button so that it is highlighted red.

  3. Click a location on the map to see pictometry images for that area. This opens the 'Pictometry View' window.

  4. pictometry window
  5. Once in Pictometry View, use these tools to navigate the system:
    • On the directional circle in the upper-left, click the arrows to change the compass angle of the image.
    • Click the dot below the directional circle to change to vertical view. (i.e. directly above)
    • Click 'Select Date' to change to a different photography year.
    • Next to the photography date, click the right and left arrows to switch among the different images available for that particular angle.
    • Click the layer list to add streets or contour lines to the Pictometry View.