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Streaming Live Henderson County GIS Data Directly into ArcMap

If you have ArcGIS software version 9.3 or greater, you can add Henderson County's GIS data from the internet directly into an ArcMap session.

Quick Instructions:
(Add Data > GIS Servers > Add ArcGIS Server > Use GIS Services > http://arcgis4.roktech.net/arcgis/rest/services)

Detailed Instructions

  1. Open ArcMap.
  2. Add your existing data first, if applicable.
  3. Click 'Add data'. add data
  4. In the 'Add Data' window, navigate to 'GIS Servers' and double-click on it.

    GIS Servers button

  5. Double-click 'Add ArcGIS Server'.

    Add ArcGIS Server

  6. Select 'Use GIS Services' and click 'Next'.

    Use GIS Services

  7. Beside 'Server URL', type http://arcgis4.roktech.net/arcgis/rest/services.

    RokTech Services

  8. Click 'Finish'.
  9. Double click on the new 'arcgis on arcgis4.roktech.net' icon.
  10. Double-click on 'Henderson', then double-click on 'All_Layers' to add Henderson County's GIS layers to your map.

NOTE: If Henderson County's data is not lining up with other data in your ArcMap project, you may need to set your project's projection to "NAD 1983 StatePlane North Carolina FIPS 3200 (US Feet)".