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Stormwater Phase II Post-Construction Run-Off Local Program

Hours: 8:00 - 4:30
Monday - Friday

NEW FEES starting July 1, 2016 click here for more information.


The Henderson County Stormwater Phase II Post-Construction Local Program is led by the Water Resource (Development) Administrator.

Essential Departmental Functions: The Stormwater Phase II Post-Construction Local Program is responsible for Stormwater Phase II Post-Construction Run-off from new development, re-development and complaints regarding these construction projects for all unincorporated areas of Henderson County, Village of Flat Rock, Town of Laurel Park and the Town of Fletcher.

If you would like to apply a construction project stormwater phase 2 post-construction run-off permit, select this link Stormwater Permit Step-by-step.

The City of Hendersonville has their own local stormwater phase 2 post-construction run-off program; if your project is located in their jurisdiction please visit their Stormwater webpage for more information.

The Town of Mills River Stormwater Phase 2 Post-construction Run-off program requirements can be found at the following link NCDENR DWQ Raleigh division, all High Quality Waters (HQW) in Henderson County have the same requirements as NCDENR DWQ Raleigh division.




Natalie J. Berry PE, CPESC, CPSWQ, CFM
Project Engineer
(828) 694-6521