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Transfer Station



Monday – Saturday

Hand Un-loaders: 8:00 – 4:00 (Hand unloaders must be done by 4:30 pm)

Hydraulic type dump vehicles: 8:00 – 4:30

Closed Holidays

*IMPORTANT: The Henderson County Solid Waste facilities operate under a permit issued by NC DEQ. The Transfer Station and Convenience Center are not regional facilities; therefore, we cannot accept waste generated outside of Henderson County. If the waste brought to our facilities was not generated in Henderson County, your load will be refused. This also includes household waste brought to the bag-for-bag program at the Convenience Center.

All solid waste and recyclables being transported shall be encased by a tarpaulin, camper cover, metal cover, rigid cover, plastic, or suitable material secured to prevent leakage or blowing of materials from the vehicle. This includes adequate coverage for bagged garbage. Please bag all solid waste. Loose waste results in more litter both on site and the surrounding areas. Henderson County Solid Waste Division retains the right to turn away users without covered or strapped loads.

Bulky waste consisting of large items such as large appliances, furniture, large auto parts, trees and other oversized waste must be secured on vehicle with rope or tie-down cords.

C&D Debris

All construction and demolition material must be weighed. All permitted solid waste companies with charge accounts and contractor's vehicles must be weighed.

Banned Items

Per state solid waste rules, specific materials are banned from entering landfills across North Carolina. The full list of those items can be viewed here. While this applies to the Henderson County Transfer Station, please note that the Solid Waste Division offers accommodations to process many of these items in alternative ways, such as through services provided at the neighboring Henderson County Convenience Center for residents.

NOTICE: TVs and monitors are not accepted at the Convenience Center. These items must be taken across the scales at the Transfer Station and incur a $15 per item fee. All other residential electronics can still be taken to the Convenience Center for no charge. For a list of approved recyclable electronics, visit our website.