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Special Item Disposal

"Hard to Recycle " Items

To search for other local or regional facilities that accept "hard to recycle items," check out Earth911 and use the search function to locate the nearest place to take your item(s).  We are currently researching drop-off or take-back programs for items we do not normally recycle at the Convenience Center or divert from waste entering the Transfer Station.

Asbestos Shingles, Siding, Insulation, Brake Materials/Components, or any Asbestos-containing Items

Asbestos shingles can be brought to the Republic Landfill in Union County, SC.  The landfill is located at 898 Wildcat Road, Enoree, SC 29335, and can be reached by phone at (864) 969-4460.  Asbestos shingles cannot be accepted at the Henderson County Transfer Station.

Asphalt Shingles

*Please Note: As of 4/26/2017, the asphalt shingles recycling program at the Transfer Station is currently suspended due to extremely low markets. Please use the Transfer Station for shingles at the C&D rate.

Clean loads of asphalt shingles from residential homes only can now be recycled at the Transfer Station, where they will be collected, ground, and turned into paving material. Clean loads should ONLY contain the following: asphalt shingles, roofing nails, and felt attached to shingles.  All loads are subject to inspection by Solid Waste staff. Only clean loads are eligible for the reduced scale fee of $35.00 per ton. All customers bringing clean shingle loads for recycling must produce a tear-off sample for the Scale House attendant.

Automobile Batteries
Any retailer that sells batteries will take used batteries in as trade towards a new purchase. If you are not purchasing a new battery, you may take your used automobile battery to any auto parts store. Henderson County accepts automobile batteries at the Convenience Center next to the used oil tank.

Automobile Gas Tanks
Several holes should be punctured to insure emptiness. Dispose of in transfer station at regular fees.

  WARNING: Cutting any tank or barrel could be extremely dangerous and should be done by professionals only.

Bagged Leaves
If leaves are contained in bags, please empty in wood waste area and discard bags in nearby dumpsters or take bags with you. DO NOT LEAVE BAGS IN WOOD WASTE AREA!

Chain-link Fencing and Metal Fencing

These items are not recycle able with the metals/ white goods at the Convenience Center. They should be disposed of with other waste items at the Transfer Station.

Kerosene and Heating Oil Tanks
Tanks up to 275-gallon capacity need both ends cut off and center section flattened. Tanks over 275-gallon capacity should be cut into sections no larger than 4 feet by 8 feet and placed into transfer station at regular fees.

There is an annual pesticide collection day held every-other-year conducted by the Henderson County Cooperative Extension. For more information, call 697-4891. Additionally, pesticides are accepted during designated household hazardous waste days at the Henderson County Convenience Center. Call 697-4505 for more information, or check our HHW page.
Propane Tanks
Completely empty; with valve REMOVED, may be disposed of at regular fees.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Please refer to NC DEQ's webpage for information on residential take-back programs.

Tank Disposal
55-gallon drums: 8 or more holes must be made in both ends to insure emptiness. Drums may then be disposed of in the transfer station at regular fees.

Tires must be removed from rims and be free of water and mud. Tires are to be placed in designated tire trailer located in the recycling center. There is a limit of 5 tires per year per address (Henderson County only) for free disposal. Do not cut tires; instead, they must be punctured with 2 or more holes using a 1/2" to 1" drill bit.

TVs & Computer Monitors

$15 per item recycling fee. Accepted only at Transfer Station. All other household electronics can be recycled at the Convenience Center at no charge.

Water Heaters
Empty and dispose of in scrap metal area at no charge.
Used Motor Oil and Anti-freeze
Dispose of in labeled barrel located in the Convenience Center. Containers must be placed in garbage bins.
Household Disposal Only—No Commercial or Fleet Disposal.
White Goods / Metals
Refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers and other similar domestic / commercial large appliances and other metal materials are disposed of in the metal area. NO MATTRESS SPRINGS OR MICROWAVES ALLOWED. DOORS MUST BE REMOVED FROM REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS. ALL FOOD MUST BE REMOVED.