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HHW Program Details

What kinds of items can I bring to the HHW events?

According to NC DENR, the following items are considered "household hazardous waste" and should not be disposed of in your home garbage. Also, these items should never be flushed down your sink or down a storm drain.

Important! All residents should fill out a Materials Collection Form for items being discarded without labels or original packaging!

There are two easy ways to do so:

  1. Download, print, and inventory your items at home. Bring the form with your items to the event, OR
  2. Fill out a printed form at the event and return to a staff person.


HHW Items Accepted:

Items Not Accepted:

*these items can be recycled daily. Click here for info on tires. Click here for info on fluorescent/ mercury products.

^ smoke detectors MUST be sent back to the original manufacturer for proper disposal. Refer to the label on the back and call for disposal requirements.

+ pharmaceuticals should be taken to the Henderson County Sheriff's Department on Grove Street. Click here for contact information.