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Tips for Purchasing and Recycling Paint Products

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much paint to purchase. Any suggestions?

Check out the "Tools" tab through the Paint Quality Institute to help decide on the exact amount of paint you'll need. This can save you trips to the store and aid in not having lots of leftover paint.

Leftover paint can take up space in your garage or basement and is not always needed. Any suggestions?

If your leftover paint is in good, usable condition, contact the organization below and ask if they would accept your paint donation, but please- always call first:

Henderson County Habitat for Humanity (828-696-9524)


There's only a little paint left in this container but it's not enough to use and it's a bit gummy. Any suggestions?

For latex paint, you can dry up the leftover amount very easily, then dispose of it with your household trash. Follow these steps for latex or acrylic cans less than half full: