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Paint Recycling Frequently-Asked Questions

It is estimated that approximately 50% of the waste collected during municipal household hazardous waste events (HHW) is made up of only paint. This also mostly accounts for half the costs of recycling and disposal for HHW items.   *Product Stewardship Institute

FAQ --

Please do not! We ask that you do not leave any paint products outside of the collection facility at any time. It is important that citizens observe this request to help minimize accidental leakages that could harm environmental quality, humans, and wildlife.

All liquid paint can be recycled for a fee of $2 per gallon container, regardless of the size container or amount within. No charge for spray paint cans. Recycling paint can be costly for the Solid Waste Division and reduce the amount of funding available towards new recycling programs for the community. This minimal fee helps Solid Waste cover this program and ensure that paints are being properly recycled or disposed of. We appreciate your understanding.

We ask that you get rid of dried paint with your regular household trash. If it’s completely solid and the lid fits tightly, it can be thrown away with regular trash as long as it is bagged.

We ask that you only mix good quality, latex or acrylic paints together if you must. Never mix oil-based paints or related items together, as these items are flammable. This ensures that the quality of paint we receive is high enough to be made into new materials or new paint.

Depending on the quality of paint received , latex and oil-based paints can be refined and start a whole new life as something else or new, usable paint. A variety of open landfill operations around the country can use bulked latex and acrylic paints as spray-on daily covers. High quality non-hazardous paints can be reformed into new paints after the color is refined or even be mixed into cement fill. Oil-based paints can be used as alternative fuel bases and as cement block fill once the volatile chemicals are removed.

A majority of paint containers are now made out of plastic or metal and can be recycled once they are emptied and cleaned out. Spray paint cans that are made of steel can also be recycled, as can the plastic caps. These items can be recycled at the Convenience Center daily as long as they are empty. Please be sure to remove plastic caps from metal cans.