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Mercury Products Recycling Program

A mercury products recycling program has been established to help the citizens of Henderson County safely and properly remove mercury-containing materials from the home.

This program is for use by citizens of Henderson County only. As with other recycling programs conducted at the Convenience Center, commercial entities are asked to please reserve operations for residents. Private businesses should contact Environmental Programs for recommendations on properly disposing of mercury products.

Hours and Days of Operation

Monday through Friday only

8:00am until 4:30pm

Henderson County Convenience Center, located at 265 Convenience Center Drive, Hendersonville NC 28791

Can I leave mercury products in front of the collection site if I don’t see a staff person?

We ask that you do not leave any mercury products outside of the collection facility at any time. It is important that citizens observe this request to help minimize accidental breakages that could harm environmental quality, humans, and wildlife.

Do I need to fill out a form?
Yes, there is a form that all citizens bringing mercury products fill out a data collection form. Please be prepared to show proof of residence or your drivers license.* All forms should be signed once your products have been carefully unloaded at the Center.

There are 2 easy ways to do so:

1) Digital version: Open the form online and fill it out at home, making it simple to count the number of each type of product being recycled before packing them. Print the form and bring it to the Center with your products.


2) Printed copies of the forms will be available at the Convenience Center drop-off location. Sign the form after your products have been unloaded at the Center.

Keep a copy of the Mercury Products Recycling Brochure at home for easy reference by clicking this link.

*Please note that we respect your privacy and use these data collection forms to process the materials safely and expediently. Your information is not shared. Safety and medical personnel may access the forms in the event of an emergency.