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FY 16-17 Approved Fee Schedule

            Effective July 1, 2016

Transfer Station  

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)


Construction and Demolition debris


Clean, unpainted concrete and masonry debris


 Yard debris ("Yard Waste" per DENR)  $45.00/ton
 Bulk debagged leaves ("Yard Trash" per DENR)  $45.00/ton

Minimum scale fee


 Asphalt shingles eligible for recycling (clean loads) PROGRAM CURRENTLY SUSPENDED. REFER TO C&D FEE.  $35.00/ton
Recyclables at Transfer Station  

County Recycling

No Charge


Scrap tires eligible for free disposal (5 per year)

No Charge

Scrap tires ineligible for free disposal


Oversize equipment tires


Tire stacking fee (optional)


Household Hazardous Waste (during events only)  
 Pesticides / Fertilizers  No Charge
 Liquid Paint (latex & oil-based; 30 gal. per individual per event limit)  $2.00/gallon container
 CESQG HHW Event Price Per vendor
Convenience Center Recyclables  
Bag for Bag Program (1)  
   Household Trash (2) Bag for Bag, No Charge
   Recycling: Bottles, Jugs, and Jars Bag for Bag, No Charge
   Recycling: Corrugated Cardboard Bag for Bag, No Charge
   Recycling: Paper Bag for Bag, No Charge

Beginning July 1, 2015:

TV's and Monitors (take to Transfer Station only)

All other Electronics (take to Convenience Center only; residential only)

$15 per item

No charge

 Batteries  No Charge
 Oil and Oil Filters  No Charge
 Cooking Oil  No Charge
 Bagged Leaves/5 per day (must empty bags)  No Charge
 White Goods / Scrap Metal  No Charge
(1) Bag for Bag Program: Bags of household trash may be disposed of at no charge when an equal number/ sized bags of recyclable materials are brought for recycling
(2) Household trash is typically generated in a residential kitchen or bathroom

* Click here for the full version of the approved fee schedule for FY 16-17, effective July 1, 2016.