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Feasibility Study

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1. Index, Introduction, and Executive Summary

2. Existing Waste Stream and Vehicular Traffic

A. Waste Stream Review: 2005-2008

B. Traffic Count Review: 2006-2008

3. County Facility Operations and Procedures

4. Population Growth & Projected Waste Stream

5. Proposed Facility Upgrades & Improvements

6. Recycling

7. Financial Assessment

8. Summary

9. Recommendations

10. Appendices (Download All Appendices )

Appendix A: County Map

Solid Waste Advisory Committee By-laws, 2008 Twenty Year Vision Presentation

Appendix B: Data for Existing Waste Stream Review: 2005-2008

Appendix C: Data for Traffic County: 2006-2008

Appendix D: Organization Chart and Staffing

Appendix E: Population Data

Appendix F: Proposed Capital Improvement Site Plan

Appendix G: Recycling Data

Appendix H: Henderscon County Code

Appendix I: Municipal Solid Waste Study, Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Appendix J: Financial Assessment Rate Analysis

Appendix K: Financial Assessment Data