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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



TVs & computer monitors are only accepted at the Transfer Station for $15 per item (effective July 1, 2016). All other electronics are recyclable every day at the Henderson County Convenience Center.


Batteries are accepted everyday beside the oil collection at the Convenience Center. Please separate them into the drums labeled "rechargeable" and "non-rechargeable." Please tape over the positive terminal of all household batteries. Always put leaking batteries in secure, closed, Ziploc bags.

Paint & paint-related materials:

Liquid paint and paint-related materials can be recycled at the Transfer Station during scheduled events. There is a $2 per gallon container fee, no matter the amount within the container. Click here for the event schedule and more information on paint recycling.

Household Hazardous Waste

The County offers residential-only Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection programs at designated times at the Convenience Center. Click here for more information on this program and the collection schedule.

A. The Convenience Center can accept all mercury-containing bulbs Monday-Friday from 8am until 4:30pm. For a full list of acceptable items, click here.

The amount of mercury contained in a CFL is minute, about 1/100th of the mercury found in a thermometer. The larger home improvement stores are now accepting CFLs, so please call your nearest large home improvement store for more information. If bulbs are broken, it is recommended that they are moved to a well ventilated area and placed in a sealed plastic bag before disposal. Visit EPA’s website to learn more about CFLs and their disposal.  Fluorescent and mercury-containing products are not accepted during HHW events.

Q: Why can't I recycle pizza boxes?

A. Pizza boxes cannot be recycled because often they are too contaminated with food and oil to make a useful end product. However, if the lid is clean, it can be torn off and recycled with other flattened cardboard.

A. No, the items we collect are indeed recycled! In FY14, Henderson County residents recycled just over 4,700 tons of materials!

Recyclable materials from Henderson County residents are collected at the Convenience Center and private haulers take them to a designated area at the Transfer Station. Once the 40-yard boxes are filled with as much material as allowed by transportation rules, they are taken to a sorting facility in Enka, NC. Here are two animated videos that demonstrate how materials are sorted at most modern recycling facilities.

ReCommunity Recycling Education

Recyclebank Explore the Cycle

A: Prescription medication should never be flushed. The Henderson County Sheriff's department hosts a prescription pill take back program. For more information, call (828) 697-4596 or visit their website. To participate in this program, bring all prescriptions to the Sheriff's department in original packaging. A drop box in the lobby of their building can be accessed during regular business hours. The pill bottle should be recycled separately with no identifiable information on the bottle. No cancer or chemotherapy treatment drugs are accepted.

A: Many smoke or CO detector manufacturers have a take-back program. We do not accept these items. Please refer to the manufacturer label on the back of your smoke detector for the phone number to inquire about returns.

Common manufacturers include:

Kidde: 1-800-880-6788

First Alert: 1-800-323-9005