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Convenience Center Frequently Asked Questions

A: The site distance at the entrance/exit of the convenience center does meet NC DOT standards for a 45 MPH speed limit stretch of roadway. However, the county sent a request to NC DOT to change the speed limit for the entire length of stoney mountain road to be posted at 35 mph. The county will continue to monitor the entrance/exit even once the speed limit is reduced.

A: The county values the safety of its staff and the public. We have incorporated “chutes” onto the railing to make access to the openings easy until we can purchase open top containers with a removable top. The removable top will allow us to cover the material when the container is not in use and during the night. We have waited on purchasing this year's replacement containers to adjust to the new facility. We hope to have the chutes installed as soon as possible and purchase the new containers over the next couple of months. We will be making equipment change during this budget year to accommodate these adjustments.

A: There are three groups of recycle containers. One for plastics, cans, jars and jugs; one for mixed paper container; and one for cardboard.

A: The reason for the household trash receptacles being located at the entrance to the recycle center is so that staff can educate all citizens on the procedure of bag for bag program.


A: Each post holds a bat house that provides safe habitat for local bat species to roost and raise young. Bats are terrific at pollination and combating mosquito-borne illnesses because they feed on insects. The 7 posts installed near the Convenience Center were part of a larger program during 2016 when more than 5 dozen houses were installed across the county on our properties, in an effort to increase the local population of mosquito-eating bats.