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Convenience Center Bag-for-Bag Program

Household trash is ONLY accepted in bags at the Convenience Center IF accompanied with an equal amount of recycling. For example, you can recycle one garbage bag-sized amount of plastic bottles or aluminum cans with one bag of household trash. Household trash is considered waste typically generated in your kitchen or bathroom. NO bulky items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, yard debris, tires, C&D debris are accepted at the Convenience Center at any time; these items must be taken to the Transfer Station.

What items count in the Bag-for-Bag Program?

YES! Recycle these: NO! Cannot recycle these: MUST BE:
Aluminum cans, pie plates

Aluminum siding, doors or furniture

plastic bags

Rinsed, clean of food
Steel cans

Wet, full paint cans

Plastic bags

Rinsed, dried, cleaned out
Newspaper, white paper, colored paper, junk mail, magazines, shredded paper, phone books, notebook paper, cereal boxes and other paper board Any paper that is contaminated by food or oil, Styrofoam of any kind, plastic bags Clean and dry
All glass bottles and jars

Drink glasses, glass from window panes, broken glass

Rinsed, metal or plastic lids removed (lids are recyclable if clean)

All plastic containers. This includes shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, milk jugs, soda bottles, butter tubs and yogurt containers and plastic to-go and deli containers and peanut butter jars. Lids/caps can be recycled.

Motor oil containers, plastic bags, hard plastic cups, black microwavable plastic trays, plastic buckets, plastic flower pots, plastic wrap, plastic film, Styrofoam / polystyrene egg cartons Rinsed- plastic lids are OK on plastic containers. Metal lids removed (lids are recyclable if clean)
Gable top containers and cartons, such as milk and juice containers Wax coated gable top containers Rinsed, remove plastic tops (tops are recyclable if clean)
Corrugated cardboard Cardboard that is wet or dirty; greasy pizza boxes Flattened and broken down, free of food contamination